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Do I need an appointment to make wine?

You don't need an appointment to start a batch but it's a good idea to give us a quick call before coming in to make sure we have your selection in stock. If we don't, we can order it in, which usually takes about a week.

What do I need to do to make my wine?

Start your wine by sprinkling the yeast in the juice.  Five-six weeks later come back and bottle it.  Very easy and takes about 30 min to bottle a batch of 30 bottles of wine!

Can I do a split batch of wine - 15 bottles of white and 15 bottles of red?

The kits come with 23 liters of juice which makes 30 bottles of one type of wine. We do not make split batches as the amount of labour required to make a half batch would be the same as a full batch. Consider making wine with a friend; if you each do a batch and then trade you get a wider selection of wine!

When do I have to pay for my wine?

You need to pay at the time the batch is started. This is because it is illegal for us to sell the batch of wine to anyone else once it is started.

Can I bring my own bottles?

You can bring your own bottles. We suggest that you remove the labels in advance and make sure the inside has been thoroughly rinsed after use.  Note - There is a risk of bottle breakage with screw cap bottles due to the pressure when a cork is put in the bottle.

Some places make wine in four weeks. Why do your wines take longer?

We take extra care to make sure that your wine is done fermentation naturally and during the stabilization process to make sure that the CO2 has had a chance to come out of the wine. We feel this is a quality issue and don't rush the process. We want to give you the best quality wine possible.

What is the alcohol content of your wines?

Our wines typically have 12% - 14% alcohol content.

What is the shelf life of homemade wines?

We guarantee our wine for two years as long as it is stored properly. (Click Here for storage tips)

Can you make Sulphite Free Wine?

It is impossible to make sulphite free wine. Sulphites are created during the fermentation process.  We do have a lower sulphite content than many commercially made wines.

Why don't you have Canadian Juice Kits?

The VQA (Vintner's Quality Alliance) mandates that a wine must be made from grapes grown in Canada. The percentage varies from year to year but at minimum Canadian grape content is required. The wine must also meet stringent quality standards in testing. As a result of the growing Canadian wine industry it is difficult to obtain quality grapes on a consistent basis in large volumes.

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