Our U-Vint Craft Beer is minimally processed and made from 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives; delivering great taste and high quality that rivals the best commercial beers.

It's easy - you come to the store to start the process and then return 2-3 weeks later to bottle your beer.  Let the beer sit at home for 5-7 days (bottle conditioning), chill and then enjoy!

No beer fridge at home, no problem!  Our U-Vint craft beer has an unrefrigerated shelf life of over 3 months.

Each batch makes 23L of finished beer, which is approx 67 regular sized beers.   

Priced from $64.00 per 23L batch, we offer an exceptional product at very economical prices.

Currently we bottle in 32 oz glass growlers (23L = 24 (32 oz) glass growlers)

Regular Craft Beers

IPA (India Pale Ale) 6% – ABV
Light Lager 4%
European Lager – 5% ABV
Old Country Lager – 5% AB
Vienna Lager – 5.5%

Seasonal and Specialty Craft Beers

Dunkel (Dark Lager) 5% – ABV
Czech Pilsner 5% – ABV
Irish Stout – 5% ABV
Wheat Beer – 5% ABV
Maibock – 7.5%
Old Bavarian – 6.5%

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